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Now, how does it feel To be possessed by something so much you cant see clear Your soul, now left behind Betrayed by no one's truth Left with nothing, hanged out to dry. Betrayed, broken and scorned I believed it was you who came through ell Tormented, now there is nothing left to love Nothing left of you, tormented.

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Judgment is upon us, I believe it was you I'm betrayed and I'm broken, I know it was you Now nothing but a shell I lie here cold and shiver Dying in every cell, just dump me in the river. And judgment is upon us, I believe it was you I'm betrayed and I'm broken I know it was you A thousand words unspoken, a million lies've been said This witchhunt had me broken, why not just have me dead.

Now, is this for real Dream turned to nightmare Manipulated not to feel My hate is now so strong With blood I'll color every star The black is never far. Take my hand, lead me through The path I must take without you Whisper the sweet divine Scripture of lies. Dogs of doom howl at the moon Ravens fly through stormfilled skies Prepare myself, armor my shell Tonight I die, tonight you die. I believe it was you who came through hell You were supposed to rot Now there is nothing left to love Nothing left of you Tormented.

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Dogs of doom howl at the moon Ravens fly through stormfilled skies My hate grows strong, my heart is black as tar The battle has begun, I'm a son of the morning star. Close your eyes to never open them again You will be destroyed by the flames I ask now for strength to have my revenge Try to stop my conjuration, this storm of severe mutilation.

I believed it was you who came through hell Mutilation Now there is nothing left to love Nothing left of you Tormented. An interaction step , in which the constant contact and contributions of the education sector, academia and industry will be sought throughout the project. The implementation of UrBIOfuture , through an appropriate Communication and Dissemination plan; the organization of promotional events, train-the-trainer and train-the-student workshops; and the development of an afterlife plan will ensure the broader impact of the results materialised in the project among the European bio-based sector.

To achieve the objective of bringing Europe to the forefront of the bio-based sector by boosting careers, new educational programmes and research activities, the project methodology will be structured in three steps: 1 An identification step, involving the career mapping and the pointing of skills mismatch between them and the bioindustry needs as main KPIs, alongside with a previous methodology and work terminology developed and aligned between the educational sector and the industry needs.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Develop multi-stakeholder key messages for communicating functionality and sustainability aspects of bio-based products with the broader public. Establish a map of the institutional policies in relation to academic access and success.

The project

Improving the match between supply and demand in the cross border labour market in order to better exploit the labour potential in the bio-based sector in the Dutch-Flemish Delta Region, as one of its three top clusters and as a driving force for innovation and specialisation.

Pilots4U sets out to map all existing open access pilot and demo-infrastructures across Europe, with the aim of creating one, very visible and easily accessible network for the European bio-economy. To increase understanding of the strategic importance of Circular Economy and Raw Materials i. To establish multi-actor digital innovation hubs for biomass supply chains To produce a feedstock-specific database of best practice and new opportunities for digitization to improve the efficiency of biomass supply chains within MDRs To establish a user friendly online platform to allow for wider exploitation of ICT, IoT and Industry 4.

Establish open and informed dialogues, co-created by European citizens, the civil society, bioeconomy innovation networks, local research centres, business and industry stakeholders … Raise awareness and knowledge on bioeconomy by enabling open and informed dialogue throughout the bioeconomy innovation processes… Foster learning and education …. Spread awareness about sustainable production of bio-based products among farmers associations, industries, EU bodies, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from the civil society….

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Supporting High-Tech innovative SMEs across the agri-food value chain in order to empower the European agri-food sector towards a leading role in the global economy. To build new industrial value chains by integrating and supporting groups of SMEs in collaboration with other innovation actors in the bioeconomy field.

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Innovators2B Integrated approach to first time innovators — assisting SMEs in transition of their potential to actual innovation. To understand the innovation as a key driver of societal progress in the age of technology and of imminent uncertainties about the future. Work packages Project Management WP1. Dissemination and impact WP2.

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Conceptual and Analytical Framework WP3. Crisis response in candidate states WP5. Crisis in the Neighbourhood WP6.

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