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Granted, some acts of submission may be a bit much for a woman to partake in, but in a loose sense of the term, submission could be an act of love as well as trust. On the surface, submission appears to be nothing more than doing whatever someone else tells you to do.

In fact, little acts of submission can go a long way in a relationship. Instead of looking at it as a means of control, consider it as a form of appreciation. What is it he or she needs?

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What is it he or she wants? What is lacking?

What would make him or her happy right this second? Take a moment and put their needs above your own and follow through. Is she having a bad day? It takes great discipline, courage and love to be in submission to another person. Recognize the difference between being sub to the mission and being submissive to a person, a bondage or a trait.

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A great example of submission is the act of service where you put your needs after the needs of others. Submission may be especially difficult for men: Recognize that men are in submission to many things on a regular basis.

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Follow his lead. He has been so to me and to others. I would never have learned this joy had I not submitted when I disagreed or when I saw him mess up.

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That is submission. It is following, not leading. A follower is not to be the stopgap for the leader. He may perform as a servant leader and serve his family and church as God has called him, and that may reveal his humility and meekness. How is this empowering then? When He strengthens them, it is not by taking away the sense of feebleness, and giving in its place the feeling of strength. By no means. But in a very wonderful way leaving and even increasing the sense of utter impotence, He gives them along with it the consciousness of strength in Him. So the real challenge to us is not so much to submit to my earthly authorities, but ultimately do I submit to God?

Check how many times we are to OBEY from a submissive stance:. Submission to my leaders, even imperfect leaders, can move a prideful and impulsive girl toward humility and patience and temperance. So that makes my point. Pride, impulsiveness and selfishness are weaknesses. Humility and patience and self-control are strengths! Those are the qualities that God can use.

Unlocking the secrets of courageous submission to God

These good fruits of the Spirit clear the way for God to work through me. The fruits of my spirit only quench the Spirit. Submission will allow that quiet dove to convict and change me from within. The Potter will smooth out the bumps and mold the clay into His vessel. Spurgeon said,. He cuts it on all sides.

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  • It loses much — much that seemed costly to itself…. Let faith and patience have their perfect work, for in the day when the crown shall be set upon the head of the King, Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, one day of glory shall stream from you. Modern feminism and so-called Christian feminism or egalitarianism miss this point. The power to be satisfied, fulfilled, at peace, and with joy is not in finding yourself.

    It is in submitting to the Lord.