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It is a ceremonial visit; he has no further theatrical ambitions. But the city is still reeling from the terrorist panic of the Gunpowder Plot of , and fate soon forces him to take up his pen again.


It is a perilous enterprise: King James I's spies are everywhere. There is no evidence that Shakespeare wrote Henry VII, but in a compelling piece of historical recreation, Robert Winder asks: what if he did?

After years, he gives us a unique world premiere - a brand-new, full-length Shakespeare play. The Final Act of Mr Shakespeare is an exhilarating portrait of England's greatest author - not in love but raging against the dying of the light. It is an outrageous tour de force of theatrical imagination, full of the spirit of the Bard. Add to Basket.

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Please login to be able to leave a comment. Thank you your review has been submitted successfully. This is a finely crafted novel of subtle power. To be offered tobacco by Sir Walter Raleigh himself!

It was almost enough to make him wish he smoked. Why alter the facts when they are dramatic enough? Unless it succeeds in transporting us, it jars.

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Among the characters are some appealing creations. Veering between the sublime and the ridiculous, this novel is a clever tongue-in-cheek venture that irritates as much as it entertains. Love puzzles? Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Books on Amazon.

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