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Who knew that so many interesting rocks were waiting to be found? We love the rhymes and the hilarious pictures. For example, B is for eggs because tomorrow they will be birds. The Toot and Puddle books are darling, and this one is no exception. Puddle teaches him, using his own delightful illustrations. This is a simple book with a folk-art style and a collection of American objects, events, and activities. The text and pictures are right at a preschool level. This is a truly unique alphabet book which you turn on its side, upside down, and to the other side as you read.

My Big Book of – ABC 123

What new picture does the letter make? Eating the Alphabet, by Lois Ehlert. This is a creative book featuring the popular bunny pair, Max and Ruby. A new letter on every page highlights the next event in this fun story. For each letter we see a new occupation in this clever book with retro-style illustrations. My kids really enjoyed this book about a hungry T-Rex who finds that C is chewy, D is delicous, and K tastes great with ketchup! This book with stunning collage illustrations and lovely, rhythmic rhyme features animals who live in the ocean.

I was delighted to discover this beautiful book of photographs!

Alphabet & ABC Books

Z is for Moose , by Kelly Bingham. He impatiently pushes his way onto every page until he finally gets to letter M. But M is for mouse!

Thankfully, his friend Zebra lets him join in on the last page. Animalia , by Graeme Base. This is a positively breathtaking book that is more like a coffee table book than a book you will read aloud to your preschooler. I remember growing up with this one and paging through it many times, even as a kid in elementary school. This a brilliantly illustrated book of unusual shopkeepers on Market Street. Each one is created from his wares! Even older children will enjoy this unique alphabet book.

Alphabeep , by Debora Pearson. I Spy Letters , by Jean Morzollo. This board book was a favorite of my children as toddlers, probably because I created my own tune for it. They also loved the rhymes and bold photographs. ABCs , by Charley Harper. This breathtaking board book features incredible illustrations by the modern artist Charley Harper.

This is a very simple alphabet book with the letter, a picture, and a single word on each page. Those never do well at our house at least not for long! Harold returns in this journey from A to Z, where he turns each letter he finds into a new part of the story using his purple crayon. While not nearly as compelling as the original story, this book is still a good one.

Alligators All Around , by Maurice Sendak. Bad Kitty , by Nick Bruel. A naughty cat who is angry because his owners only have fruits and vegetables left in the house destroys the house from A-Z. A to Z, by Sandra Boynton. The Alphabet Book, by P.

Very First Reading: abc

I make it a general rule not to allow interactive picture books in our house if they are from the library. Inevitably a toddler will have his or her way with it. But this durable board book was a fun surprise! A creative concept in a toddler-proof book. Love it! A good sense of humor is important, so I really appreciate it when the humor in a picture book is high quality.

If the humor is legit, it really makes a picture book stand out. In AlphaOops! He wants to be first in the alphabet for once - and then chaos ensues. P complains that some letters will still be stuck in the middle regardless of which end they start on. V tries to sneak in an extra turn and the impatient Z drags him off stage angrily. The dialogue is really witty and it makes this one special. Little x is missing, and the rest of the letters go to find him. Charlie, their owner, barely ever uses the letter x. The letters need to think of a way to convince him to return home, and the solution they come up with turns out to be surprisingly sweet and touching.

This is a very special work of art by a remarkable artist - Oliver Jeffers. The detail is remarkable and noteworthy - everything from the endpapers to the cover stand out to me as a special book that brings me joy. Who else but Chris Van Allsburg could come up with an alphabet book featuring the letters of the alphabet facing a gruesome fate one by one. Throughout his works, Chris Van Allsburg repeatedly displays a very specific special power. He has the power to leave the reader filling in the blanks. He perfected this power of his with The Mysteries of Harris Burdick - a wonderful picture book consisting entirely of ominous, imaginative pictures and short story starters.

And The Z Was Zapped reminds me a lot of that very same concept. Through his illustrations and his carefully chosen words, he presents a mystery with a feeling of great depth to it. And we could sit there for minutes on each image imagining what happened.

According to him, being scared by things like books and movies is like building up an immunity to the things that scare us. I grew up devouring scary literature - and I absolutely love sharing spooky things with my kids. The Dangerous Alphabet is a beautifully written poem by Neil Gaiman, all by itself it would be enough to send a shiver down your spine.

The images are incredibly imaginative - and for me they perfectly flirt with the line of too scary for my kids without crossing over it. She often writes about themes that are important to us and that we love to share with our children. She promotes creativity and imagination and empathy.

Teach the ABCs with the Best Alphabet Books for Toddlers

And when we started to see early peeks at the beautiful art from illustrator Jacob Grant, our suspicions were confirmed - this was going to be a very special alphabet book. The collaboration here is spectacular. And the beauty about these little tidbits of information is that they strike a perfect balance between absurdly silly and wonderfully heartfelt. All of their quirks are embraced and stated very matter-of-factly.

Recognizing the characteristics in these animals can build up self-esteem and encourage us to be ourselves. John Archambault Lois Ehlert. A Little Alphabet.

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Lonely Planet Kids. A to Z Menagerie.

Jerry Pallotta Shennen Bersan. Jerry Pallotta Shennen Bersani. Hoihoi Turituri. Soledad Bravi Ruia Aperahama. The ABCs of Metallica. Alphabet Paula Wiseman Books. Eating the Alphabet. Heather Amery Stephen Cartwright.

My First ABC (Classic Picture Books) by Hooelz

Allergic Alpaca. Kiah Thomas Connah Brecon. Numbers, Letters, and More! Grug ABC Grug. First Words First Board Books. Words Hello Baby. Sam Taplin Gabriele Antonini.