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It looks at the origin of the problem, defines the problem, looks at existing views on the problem, explores angles that would provide scope for a novel academic contribution, and leads to a hypothesis that proposes an explanation for the identified problem and provides possible inferences or solutions for the same.

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It is of utmost importance that any PhD thesis must contain further literature review, application of theory, analytical design, primary and secondary data collection , experimental details, data analysis , inferences drawn, drawbacks of the research, further scope of research and relevance of the research issue handled. Although this sounds like a simple task due to the enumerated list of steps involved in writing the thesis, many research scholars encounter problems because they do not pursue a proper research on their broader area of interest before narrowing down on their thesis statement which also in turn does not have clarity due to the lack of adequate knowledge of the former.

Due to this mismatch between the area of research and the specific thesis statement, there arise issues in providing a connection between the thesis statement and the supporting argument. This issue in making connections leads to furnishing of inadequate information that is of relevance to the research topic, thus wavering from the focus taken. Apart from this, formatting errors and errors in citing bibliography also occur.

The first step of reviewing all the information available for research is of utmost importance as;. There is a tendency to choose a topic that is overtly explored already hoping a smooth ride with all the necessary information already available or to choose a topic that is too specific and unexplored that it might be tedious to arrive at minimum number of inferences expected in a PhD research.

After careful scrutiny of a topic, putting down a suitable thesis statement is necessary. The thesis statement chosen should be convincing enough to change opinions of readers that they have about a particular field. The paper must be novel and must not contain mundane information that is not presented in an interesting way. Next comes the issue of making connections between the thesis statement and the substantial information that you provide.

This can be accomplished by providing coherent transitions between the paragraphs and constantly reminding the reader as to why each point is relevant to the topic. But, while doing so, it is to be noted that the transitions do not go far-fetched and create redundancy. An offshoot of this issue is that relevant supporting information is not provided. In argumentative research theses, it is mandatory that all the supporting information are asserted in such a way that the argument made is strong and persuasive. This is where the initial research for secondary sources before choosing the topic helps.

However, it is to be kept in mind that anything remotely related to your topic should not be inserted in your paper just to fill pages since that will make your paper lose focus and will not be to the point.

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Apart from these mistakes that usually haunt a PhD scholar, properly citing sources within the texts and formatting also matter. If an idea is borrowed and not acknowledged, it is considered plagiarism. It is of utmost importance to acknowledge whatever information is borrowed, whether it is quoted as it is or paraphrased.

On the whole, a PhD research thesis demands a lot of time, effort and organization. Major errors enlisted here could be avoided if you give yourself time for each and every step. Completing a PhD research paper that puts forth an idea or an argument that is well substantiated by information convincing enough to prove your thesis statement right takes a lot of patience and hard work but the effort and time that goes into it is absolutely rewarding as it is a learning process that you go through when you pursue PhD. By the time you appear for the Viva Voce which follows your submission of the research paper, you would have gained a vast knowledge of the subject, thereby having elevated yourself from the status of a student to a true scholar.

It helps you apply the learning to further study or research and pass on your learning to your inmates. It should be looked at as an investment rather than a tedious process of research. This way, your doctoral thesis benefits you and your academic fraternity as well. It will now be possible for you to find enough additional supporting material to complete your essay. Developing A Thesis and Supporting Auguments. For every writing assignment has, at the least, these two other purposes: To teach you to state your case and prove it in a clear, appropriate, and lively manner To teach you to structure your thinking.

This TIP Sheet addresses the following steps common to any kind of non-fiction writing: Choosing a subject. Limiting your subject. Crafting a thesis statement. Identifying supporting arguments.

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Revising your thesis. Writing strong topic sentences that support the thesis. Definition: What is good behavior? What is bad behavior? What is appropriate behavior on St. Patrick's Day? What is appropriate behavior in other settings? Patrick's Day similar to behavior in years past? How was behavior in front of La Salle's similar to behavior in other parts of downtown that day?

How was this behavior similar to behavior in other college towns on that day? Patrick's Day differ from behavior in years past? How did behavior in front of La Salle's differ from behavior in other parts of downtown that day? How did this behavior differ from student behavior in other college towns on that day? To what degree was this behavior worse than in other parts of downtown?

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To what degree was this behavior worse than student behavior in other college towns? Relationship cause and effect : What causes good behavior? What are the results of good behavior? What causes bad behavior? What are the results of bad behavior? What were the specific results of the behavior on St. What were the specific causes of the behavior on St. Circumstance: Has this kind of behavior occurred in the past? Should this behavior be permitted in the future?

What is possible—that is, in this case, is it possible for students to behave appropriately even if bored, drunk, or provoked? Is it possible for downtown merchants and bystanders to absorb the costs of property damage? Testimony: What are the opinions of others about student behavior in front of La Salle's on St.

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Patrick's Day for example, students who participated, students who observed, students who were injured, students who avoided downtown Chico altogether on St. Patrick's Day, city council members, the police chief, the proprietor of La Salle's, the owner of the damaged car, nearby business owners? The Good: Would the results of enforced good conduct be "good"?

Would the results of enforced good conduct cause unintended or unforeseen problems?

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What is fair to whom? The Expedient: Is it desirable to require better conduct next St. Should authorities force better conduct next year? Should St. Patrick's Day celebrations be cancelled? Should everyone just relax about this incident and let students celebrate?