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Subverts standard superhero themes of heroism, accountability, and personal fortitude. Postmodernist literature at its best. But, wait, it gets better. You see, Scott — the escape artist who committed suicide — then performs an even greater escape: he escapes death by not dying! OMG, that is even more clever, right? Perhaps Scott miscalculated his daring escape from death and is actually dead; the events which occur after his brush with the eternal hereafter merely a post-death purgatory of sorts.

Or, maybe Scott is in a coma, dreaming it all. Or he could still be bleeding out on the floor, hallucinating all this as his life slowly seeps away.

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Each and every one of these possibilities terrifying!!!!!! On the other hand, Scott might just be alive, dealing with the aftermath of his actions. His attempted suicide beginning a chain reaction of events which ultimate leads to war between New Genesis and Apokolips; many wonderful, horrifying, and bizarre events taking place all along the way thereafter. Scott and his wife Barda attempting to deal with all this while maintaining a normal life on Earth. This unusual balancing act of ordinary and brutal the main theme throughout, as Mister Miracle contemplates deep philosophical thoughts, acts like a emotional scared man-child, and bores the hell out of you along the way.

Well, it starts out well enough, I guess. And the whole mystery surrounding his suicide was intriguing. So, at the very least, this story had a nice setup which made me want to crowd around with everyone else and watch where it went. From there though the whole plot sort of sputtered for me. There were some highs and some lows along the way to the end. Some cool twists, some dumb plots.

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Mostly, the art was fairly meh and uninspiring though others might find it more to their liking. And the conclusion tried too hard to twist expectations round and round, be emotionally thought-provoking, yet failed to do either.