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Subverts standard superhero themes of heroism, accountability, and personal fortitude. Postmodernist literature at its best. But, wait, it gets better. You see, Scott — the escape artist who committed suicide — then performs an even greater escape: he escapes death by not dying! OMG, that is even more clever, right? Perhaps Scott miscalculated his daring escape from death and is actually dead; the events which occur after his brush with the eternal hereafter merely a post-death purgatory of sorts.

Or, maybe Scott is in a coma, dreaming it all. Or he could still be bleeding out on the floor, hallucinating all this as his life slowly seeps away.

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Each and every one of these possibilities terrifying!!!!!! On the other hand, Scott might just be alive, dealing with the aftermath of his actions. His attempted suicide beginning a chain reaction of events which ultimate leads to war between New Genesis and Apokolips; many wonderful, horrifying, and bizarre events taking place all along the way thereafter. Scott and his wife Barda attempting to deal with all this while maintaining a normal life on Earth. This unusual balancing act of ordinary and brutal the main theme throughout, as Mister Miracle contemplates deep philosophical thoughts, acts like a emotional scared man-child, and bores the hell out of you along the way.

Well, it starts out well enough, I guess. And the whole mystery surrounding his suicide was intriguing. So, at the very least, this story had a nice setup which made me want to crowd around with everyone else and watch where it went. From there though the whole plot sort of sputtered for me. There were some highs and some lows along the way to the end. Some cool twists, some dumb plots.

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Mostly, the art was fairly meh and uninspiring though others might find it more to their liking. And the conclusion tried too hard to twist expectations round and round, be emotionally thought-provoking, yet failed to do either.

Listen, I know my review is going against the consensus. Welcome to the first What the F K? This is just going to be a day I can write about different topics which will cause some of you to wonder WTF is Bookwraiths doing. Something which would have shocked me, horrified me even just a few years ago, because I grew up a Marvel Zombie and have seen every MCU not only in theaters but on opening weekends. Let me just go point by point, attempting to explain a few reasons why this film has not captured my interest.


One, I grew up reading Marvel comics primarily in the late s through the mid s. During those years there was another Captain Marvel; Monica Rambeau. This woman carried the mantle for years, fighting alongside the Avengers and leading them at one point. Sure, I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy , but that was due to the humor, group camaraderie, and the music. All the aliens, spaceships, and cosmic stuff bored me to tears. That is probably why I enjoyed Guardians Vol.

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Four, this ret-conning of MCU history. Sure, the writers might find a way to wedge Captain Marvel into the MCU timeline, explain where she has been, and why Nick Fury never felt a need to summon her during previous world cataclysmic events, but why go to all this trouble. This whole rewriting of MCU history is just annoying as crap. So the idea of 90s music in the film horrifies me. Ten, Captain Marvel has a tough act to follow in the superhero department. This was not only a very good origin story, visually stunning, filled with loads of fighting and more than a few laughs, but it also had some solid performances by Jason Momoa who made Aquaman cool somehow and Patrick Wilson who was a smooth, complex villain whom you hated but also understood.

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! This is actually a tricky one.

Harry Potter's Parents' Death Anniversary Sweeps Web

Sure, it sounds easy, because we all have beloved characters, but every one of these people are going through difficult struggles, horrifying experiences, which is why we are reading a book about their adventures. And quite a few of them end up miserably. So I need to be careful about my picks here. This young king has some tough times, goes through a lot, but he is surrounded by a close group of loyal friends and allies, keeps his mind and heart as pure as possible, and never loses a desire to make his world a better place. I mean, it is sort of difficult not to want to be king for just a day, right?

Captain Romulus Buckle lives in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens invaded earth, caused an environmental realignment that resulted in the growth of a steampunk society filled with strange, wonderful contraptions. This Dragon Prince has a damn amazing life.

Not only is he the ruler of the Desert, the High Prince of his lands, and probably the richest man in his entire world, but he has major sex appeal, is married to an intelligent, beautiful woman, and surrounded by a loving family and loyal friends. A young guy who is a scribe and gets to ride off into the unknown along side badass warriors. Damn, this job sounds like it is tailor made for me back in the day.

Honestly, Jaxom has a damn good life from his unique dragon to his lordship to his love life. The ultimate swashbuckling barbarian has to be in my list, because I would love to walk into a room and see every person there be silenced by my sheer physical presence. Conan not only pulls that off but has an amazing life which leads him across his world. This blast from my past is a return to my childhood. Garion was my generations Harry Potter, I think. This is the most beautiful day of my life. But this world is ours now.

It's what we make of it.

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One of 'em. To see the damage you done? I came here because he asked me to. When he went down, he said somethin'. I put my ear next to his mouth, and what I think he said was this. He said, 'Tell Billie for me: Bye bye, Blackbird. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

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Her ongoing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life-forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Pretty soon, no one remembers what started the war in the first place, and the fighting becomes all about those stupid flags. A time of hardship and pain. This battle has been won, but the war against the machines rages on. Skynet's global network remains strong.

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But we will not quit, until all of it is destroyed. This is John Connor. There is no fate, but what we make. Their spouses will ask about their day.

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Tonight they'll sleep. The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding places, and one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip passing over. Tonight, a comedian died in New York.