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Her proud husband, Rudolf, used to be a seaman and also carries very little prejudice with him. When asked how old he is, Rudolf answered tongue in cheek: For Gladys, the act of writing, remembering and discovering was, however, more important than sharing it with the world. She, nonetheless, harbours hope that others will follow her lead and pen their memories. By reading about one another, we will learn to understand different cultures and each other. We all live together. We must be tolerant, listen to one another, and then we will all live in a happier country.

ON the 27th day of the holy month of Ramadan, eight people gathered around a rustic stable in Philippi to witness the rarest of sights — the birth of healthy twin foals. First, the world was a brown filly richer, and then witnesses were left speechless when a white palomino colt followed suit. Ockards had been attending a religious event that night, but he was constantly on his cellphone, giving advice to those who were delivering the young horses. Nobody had suspected that the mare, Popplin, had been carrying twins, so when Ockards heard there was another little miracle on the stable floor, he was very excited.

But his vast equine experience told him that this latest development would need all the accumulated knowledge he has garnered over the decades, since a twin pregnancy is considered to be very dangerous for the mare and her offspring. They were exploring the tiny stable and liaising with their vigilant mom on a regular basis.

Ockards learned everything he knows about the animals from his father, and he says the last time he heard of twins being born was in the late s. The most difficult and dangerous time for the mare and foals has passed, but latent health issues might still put a damper on celebrations.

He laughs when asked to reveal some of these secrets. Ockards will soon give names to the little miracles, and then the CHPA will set up a Facebook page to keep the public up to date with how these statistical oddities are enriching the lives of those who have helped them to thrive in a fascinating world. Dangerously high levels of cuteness are emitting from one of the cages in Tygerberg Zoopark.

TygerBurger went to the zoo outside Kraaifontein last week to get to the bottom of this unfounded raccoon claim. It turned out to be true.

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Big inquisitive eyes followed our every movement and the mother hung upside down in the cage while doing her best impression of a carnivore ready to pounce if something should happen to her young. And right in the corner of a wooden box, the three kits were huddling together in a big ball of fur. One of the kits rubbed, scrubbed and scratched with its hands.

The intruders were gone — deactivate cuteness. The raccoons are only fooling themselves. As per instruction, this inexperienced tobogganist leans into the first turn with surprising ease. He might have applied the brakes a couple of times, but he nonetheless feels like he just set a land speed record. His friend, who started 10 seconds before him, just shook his head while he waited patiently at the bottom for the tardy tobogganist.

Almost anyone can toboggan at their own pace, but the real rush comes from pushing the envelope. This sport usually requires a snowy slope and a sleigh, but in snowless South Africa a stainless steel course is sufficient. Cool Runnings is, in fact, the only toboggan course in Africa. TygerBurger discovered that most of the odd staff members race against the clock when the customers leave at the end of the day. They are a colourful bunch of individuals who constantly try to better their personal best times.

Those guys go really fast! Kyle Fortuin agrees with Richard: The best is definitely Arnold. He has the stomach!

Richard, Kyle, Arnold have all had bruising experiences in their pursuit of perfection, so it was not surprising when Tawanda. Bundu and Michael Pietersen also recounted their own close encounters. Keep your arms and legs close to your body! It is a sport for both beginners and professionals, so make a point of testing your mettle on the metal track if you can spare R In the immortal words of William Shacklespeare: He chooses a spot which seems identical to the next, unpacks his fishing gear and prepares for a hour shift of some serious unwinding. This is, after all, doing what he loves most — fishing at Beespens near Strandfontein.

Every time his face lights up, he resembles a man who is at complete peace with the world, a man who has discovered the very essence of happiness. He fishes about 10 hours a day and three times a week, so there is plenty of time to contemplate the meaning of life. One learns how to deal with these as well.

Sometimes you will get an idea, quickly pick up your stuff and leave so that you can go and implement it.

His father taught him everything he knows about fishing, and he has been implementing these skills from a young age. This is one of the main reasons he wants his year-old son, Tashreeq, to join him on his fishing excursions when he can. After some time I gave it a try, and as soon as that first fish bit, I was hooked for life. He has caught a few sharks as well, which is apparently quite common.

It could take up to three hours to finally get it out of the water! When listening to the excitement in his voice while he explains the thrill of the hustle, it becomes obvious that the serene wait is trumped by the big catch. And when that happens it is not only Jacobs who celebrates, but his whole neighbourhood.

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There are days when my neighbours would eagerly await my return and hope to benefit with a fish or two. French playwright, Marcel Pagnol, once said: The protective father is perched on one roof while affectionate mother goose sits on another. The Goose family will migrate to wetter climates as soon as the 10 youngsters stop dallying about and learn how to fly.

One day in August, the goose, the gander and their tiny goslings waddled right across Main Road from Zandvlei towards the Elliott residence, one kilometre down the road. The honking cars narrowly missed the hhonnking geese, before someone herded the feathered family towards Kirstenhof Police Station down the road. A garden, a swimming pool and a family of geese do not exactly coexist in tranquility. It is a mess. Quick thinking by Don saw a Persian carpet converted into a makeshift ramp, which the little goslings used to get in and out of the pool. Just watching the youngsters frolicking in the water is enough to give onlookers goosebumps.

Sheila says the goslings quickly learned how to swim a whole length underwater, but their pursuit of flight has so far been a wild goose chase.