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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Bonne lecture! Le chiffre International dans le monde 9. Cette piste suscite des tentations un peu partout dans le monde. On avait doublement tort. Mais comme souvent, le brouhaha occulte le travail de fond qui avance en coulisse. Et tant pis si, consensus oblige, la vigueur des engagements concrets laisse parfois sur sa faim.

Vitovalor, comment ça marche ? par Michel Chevalet

Car on avance par ailleurs dans le pratico-pratique. Mais en toile de fond, le secteur prend ses marques et se professionnalise. En juillet, le Conseil des ministres approuve le plan Wathelet. Une multiplication par 5 en 13 ans. Source : Synergrid FIG. Source : Eurostat FIG. De quoi donner du relief aux chiffres. Celui des concepteurs et des investisseurs comme celui des usagers. Over the last few decades there has been much interest on the positron fraction from primary cosmic rays by both particle physicists and astrophysicists.

The underlying reason is that by measuring the ratio between positrons and electrons and by studying the behavior of any excess across the energy spectrum, a better understanding of the origin of dark matter and other physics phenomena may be obtained. The first AMS result has been analyzed using several phenomenological models, one of which is described in the paper and included in Figure 2.

This generic model, with diffuse electron and positron components and a common source component, fits the AMS data surprisingly well. This agreement indicates that the positron fraction spectrum is consistent with electron positron fluxes each of which is the sum of its diffuse spectrum and a single energetic common source. In other words, a significant portion of the high-energy electrons and positrons originate from a common source. As shown in Figure 3, the accuracy of AMS and the high statistics available distinguish the reported positron fraction spectrum from earlier experiments 3 , by extending the energy range and improving the precision by an order of magnitude.

AMS is a magnetic spectrometer with the ability to explore new physics because of its precision, statistics, energy range, capability to identify different particles and nuclei and its long duration in space. It is expected that hundreds of billions of cosmic rays will be measured by AMS throughout the lifetime of the Space Station. The volume of raw data requires a massive analysis effort.

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The parameters of each signal collected are meticulously reconstructed, characterized and archived before they undergo analysis by multiple independent groups of AMS physicists thus ensuring the accuracy of the physics results. With the wealth of data emitted by primary cosmic rays passing through AMS, the Collaboration will also explore other topics such as the precision measurements of the boron to carbon ratio, nuclei and antimatter nuclei, and antiprotons, precision measurements of the helium flux, proton flux and photons, as well as the search for new physics and astrophysics phenomena such as strangelets.

The AMS Collaboration will provide new, accurate information over the lifetime of the Space Station as the AMS detector continues its mission to explore new physics phenomena in the cosmos. Aguilar et al. Tim Linden and Stefano Profumo, arXiv HE], April 5, Golden et al. Boezio et al. HEAT: J.

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Beatty et al. DuVernois et al. AMS M. B Picozza, Proc. Adriani et al.

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Fermi-LAT: M. Ackermann et al.


Anecdotes de la physique. Histoire et philosophie de la physique.

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The physics of the greenhouse effect. Why should you be interested in Thorium Power? The March for Science, Geneva 22 April LISA Pathfinder: first results. Die Internationale Hochalpine Forschungsstation auf Jungfraujoch.

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  5. Goodbye Herschel. First result from the AMS experiment. Photonics in Switzerland. The legacy of Martin Gutzwiller.