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Sometimes on a week day, sometimes at the weekend. Precedents can be misleading.

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Chocolate does not travel well on warm days. Those of us in the temperate north in Winter may not see this as as an issue, but anyone living below the tropic of Cancer will think hard before having chocolate delivered at this time.

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Flowers tend to droop soon after cutting, so getting them at peak condition is crucial. Having excessive stock on the 15th is fatal.

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Margins tend to be high and most of us take part in one way or another. But this is one area where marketing and supply chain must work together to seize the opportunity and minimise the risk. At least one UK retailer sells a special Muffin for Valentines. This is an everyday fresh product that just buys into the mood and consequently has a life of around a week.

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Now we need to hit the spot in terms of supply. This is where we can all get creative. Firstly, we should supply the specific and novelty Valentine items. But in limited quantities. If we sell out, we can stretch further next year.

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Love needs a bit of imagination after all. Many of our normal items can be brought into play. Lingerie is a good example.

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We know two things about lingerie — Demand will be higher than normal and the color mix will change. Lingerie Valentine promotion pages are not surprisingly stuffed with Red and Black items at full price.

Alice In Chains: "We’re both guitar players at heart; we never intended to be lead singers"

Excess stocks will not be wasted. Flowers are managed by stem, not by bouquet. The overall level is known and all roses are red.

The biggest question is did the latest romcom feature a single red rose or a dozen…? And preferring the hook and eye closure over the lobster claw, Lovelace laces love by hand into the means that clasp a bracelet or necklace conveniently around a wrist or neck. As part-owner and teacher of an outdoor bootcamp fitness academy, the act of creating copper art helps give her balance.

Putting wellbeing at the heart of workplaces (and supply chains)

Although if people request a design that's already sold, Lovelace does her best to replicate it while still keeping it from being an identical copy to the original. Lovelace's next appearance will be at the Northampton Community College spring art show slated for April In this copper moon tree necklace, an antique copper wire frame beams in a hammered and textured lure. Inside the ring is a tree made out of copper wire, which makes up the trunk and branches. A green jade disc bead fills the role of the moon in this design.