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Beantwortung Der Frage: Was Ist Aufklarung?: Und Andere Kleine Schriften

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Was ist Aufklärung?

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The new items given in this heading include:. D 32 : Manuscript 32 of Convolut D. Reicke retained these designations when he published the Reflections in his three volumes, and Adickes normally gives the folder-letter and manuscript number in the heading. R I : This reflection was printed in Reicke, vol. Aus Kants handschriftlichen Aufzeichnungen. All other parentheses stem from Kant.

Leipzig: Leopold Voss, Kant used this textbook in his natural law lectures [ see ].

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Heidelberg: Weiss, Kant used this textbook in his logic lectures [ see ]. His annotations are printed in AA 16 nearly all of the Logic reflections come from the copy of Meier.

Halle: Carl Hermann Hemmerde, , liii, pp. Kant used this textbook in his metaphysics lectures [ see ]. Adickes [, vii] describes this volume as being Kant used this textbook in his moral philosophy lectures [ see ]. It was not interleaved with blank pages.

Originally published in the Altpreussischen Monatsschrift , from the years , , and Leipzig: Voss, Riga: Kant used this textbook in his natural theology lectures [ see ]. Adickes developed a dating system for these reflections a dating system for these reflections that divides them into thirty-three temporal strata, some of which overlap, leaving twenty-two distinct periods see xxxvi-xliii.

A card with a key to this system used to be published along with the volumes, which is handy when working through the reflections. Adickes responded to these criticisms in his preface to the volumes of metaphysics reflections [AA vi-x]. Preface to 1st ed. Preface to 2nd ed. Two partial volumes: Preface: v-x. They stem from various compositional periods, although most are early. They are arranged topically, rather than by date of composition. These notes constitute the bulk of the reflections included here, and are arranged by the paragraph in Meier on which they are commenting.

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The later reflections are printed in vol. A student essay is reprinted here pp. Aus Kants handschriftlichen Aufzeichnungen , 2 vols. Leipzig, , and in volumes of the Academy edition: x-xxiii. The earlier reflections on metaphysics are printed in vol.

Adickes includes the annotations to the Eberhard textbook here — rather than with the reflections on the philosophy of religion in vol. Erich Adickes had worked on this volume prior to his death, and had completed most of the dating. More detailed information is available at the Marburg Kantarchiv website. Welches sind die wirklichen Fortschritte, die die Metaphysik seit Leibnizens und Wolfs Zeiten in Deutschland gemacht hat?

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Editors: Gerhard Lehmann vols. Because the volumes in this last division have multiple parts separate volumes , the parts of each volume will be listed separately by date of publication. Lehmann offers an introduction to this fourth division at , but see also the more extensive introduction to volume 25 by Brandt and Stark, much of which provides helpful background information for all of the lectures.

In the initial organization of the editorial staff for the Academy edition, Max Heinze was to serve as general editor of the fourth part Vorlesungen as well as the special editor for the notes on metaphysics, logic, and natural religion; the remaining editorial assignments were still to be decided —as reported in the general announcement of the planned edition in Kant-Studien , 1 None of these men lived to see any of the volumes completed.

Heinze died on 17 September , and in the second edition of vol. See also a fragment inadvertently printed as part of the metaphysics notes at AA 1 Baumgarten, Ethica Philosophica , ; includes an index Kaehler ] The text from pp.

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Manuscript pages included here are: 1 23 , 24 37 , , , 33 20 , 21 34 , 34 21 , 22 2 , , 31 See also AA 28, 2nd half, pt. Reprint from Heinze , Lehmann provides page-breaks in his transcription of the Menzer copy AA , but the marginal numbering that marks these breaks is of less value. For instance, he begins his transcription with the copy of EP , which begins at the top of 63r of the Menzer sheets, and Lehmann duly indicates this in the margin with a '63', but then proceeds to count each page with a new number, so that the numbering falls immediately out of sync with the actual sheet numbers of the Menzer copy which is counting sheets, rather than pages.

Same handwriting as the Dohna metaphysics notes. Kowalewski associates it with the text at AA Reprinted from Heinze Manuscript pages included here are: 2 1 4 , 3 5 15 , 5 , 4 36 1 , 5 — this second passage from ms 5 is written with the notebook turned right-side up; most of these notes, including the previous text from ms 4, are found at the bottom of the pages, written with the notebook upside down , 4 35 16 , 6 17 10 , 7 11 15 , 9 16 2 , 8 , 9 , 8 26 11 , 10 , 25 , 46 , 47 , 11 14 , See also AA 28, 1st half, pt.

The transcription is based on a handwritten copy prepared by Rudolph Baumbach in the s. A photograph of the first page of the Herder manuscript is inserted after this selection.

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This is the edition that Kant used in his physics lectures [ see ] , although is the only semester that lists this text. Kant had also used texts by J. Academy Edition.

The volumes are grouped into four divisions: I. Werke vols. This was a lecture announcement April 25 for SS Briefwechsel vols.