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A Legacy of Faith

In , James was paralyzed by a bullet. For the next year, Drusilla nursed him, held off the mobs, and did what she could to keep her family alive. The day came when they ate the last of their food. I did what was right. If I die I am glad I was baptized for the remission of my sins, for I have an answer of a good conscience. James survived, though still an invalid, and the family made it to Utah, united in faith and hope in Kenneth W.

The next place of gathering for the Saints was Nauvoo, a city they built on land reclaimed from an Illinois swamp. Newcomers came seeking refuge 1 and to help build the new temple 2, 3.

Looking ahead

One group of Latter-day Saints who gathered to Nauvoo was led by a free black woman who had embraced the gospel in Connecticut and shared it with her relatives. When the Saints in that area prepared to leave for Nauvoo in , Jane Manning and eight members of her family joined them. Unfortunately, when the group boarded a boat in Buffalo, New York, authorities denied the Manning family passage.

Rather than turn back, the party began walking toward Nauvoo, 1, kilometers away. It was October, and the weather was turning cold. We stopped and united in prayer to the Lord. We asked God the Eternal Father to heal our feet and our prayers were answered and our feet were healed. The group arrived in Nauvoo late in the year, and the Prophet received them with gladness. In , just as the Saints were preparing to move west from their encampment in Iowa, word came that the U.

Many balked at the idea; the government had done nothing to support the Saints in their trials. Battalion pay could help the Saints move to the Rocky Mountains. Without fathers, we could lose the next generation. I want to thank my husband, Raymond Troup, for helping me write this article—for sharing his insights in the Scriptures.

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But more importantly for being a man of great faith and an example to our children of what it means to walk with Christ. We are building a legacy of faith , babe! Pray for the fathers in your life. I have a suggestion. I would like to report an issue. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Andrew's Next Live Event. Watch Live. God bless you as you pass the legacy of faith to your children! He and his pastor partner Roger Theimer are co-creators of the Faith Legacy video series by Kids Kount Publishing, which helps families grow spiritually while seeking to transform the culture of the local church into a faith-at-home culture.

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This event is a life-changing experience for leaders of children's and family ministries. Your email address will not be published. Here are some ways for you to take your own faith walk deeper: Establish a specific time for personal Bible reading and prayer. Give yourself grace when you miss the time, but keep at it. There are numerous Bible reading schedules and strategies on the internet. Pray with your spouse. In our marriage preparation classes at church, we close the first class by inviting engaged couples to go off by themselves and pray together before they leave the building.

Building a Legacy of Faith

Most have never prayed together before. When they return for the second session, they invariably smile as they recount how good it felt to pray together. My wife Francie and I pray together before getting out of bed every morning. Start a small group with other parents from church, including single parents.

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Ask your pastor what books he would recommend and be sure to make time for prayer at the end. Nothing will deepen your faith more than having a support group of Christian friends who you pray for and who you know are praying for you. Start a faith journal. Later, when you look back, you will be able to see where and how you have grown. You will also see patterns that need changing.

Bob Hostetler has matched thirty-one character traits with verses that you can pray for your children. Praying these Scriptures over your children will grow their faith and as well your own. Order or create bookmarks with these Scripture prayers on them and give them out to your friends. Start a faith-at-home movement in your church!

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Pray directly over them, using Scripture as your source. One mom in our church speaks a prayer over each of her children before they leave for school every day, whatever is on her heart that day for her child. Her kids are already spiritual champions! Make bedtime a time for prayer.

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  • Light a candle and lie down next to your child. As you snuggle and pray together, you can train them about what is truly important.